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Welcome to the website of the Glenside Color Computer Club, the group that has put on the Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! for the past 28 years.

CoCoFEST! History

Back in 1983, Rainbow, the Color Computer magazine took a road trip from Prospect Kentucky to the windy city of Chicago. For 9 years, Lonnie Falk's gang made the trek to create the Chicago RainbowFEST and bring 1,000's of CoCo users together in celebration.

At the 1991 RainbowFEST Lonnie announced that this would be "The Last Chicago Fest". The Glenside Color Computer Club said that we should have one more FEST so good friends could have one last celebration. So in 1992 group members Dave and Nancy Myers of CoCoPRO! put together and sponsored The First Annual "Last Chicago CoCoFEST!" and to everyone's surprise, it was a hit. What else could our group do but hold another show and call it "The Second Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!"(Please click here for more information)

Saturday, Oct 10

Vintage Computer Festival East

Sunday, Oct 11

Vintage Computer Festival East

Monday, Oct 12

Vintage Computer Festival East

Columbus Day

Saturday, Oct 17

Sweetest Day

Thursday, Oct 22

GCCC Club meeting 7:30-9:30pm

Saturday, Oct 24

TI World's Faire

Friday, Oct 30

Tandy Assembly

Saturday, Oct 31


Tandy Assembly

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